Angel Falls Panoramas 天使瀑布

Venezuela: Angel Falls Panoramas 委內瑞拉 天使瀑布

Allow the virtual tour a few seconds to load. Use your mouse (with the left button pressed) to move about. On the right there are different scenes you can choose from. Use the up and down arrow keys to zoom in and out. Click on 'FULLSCREEN' to view the entire panorama.

Angel Waterfall of Venezuela - Tallest Waterfall in the World

In May of 2011 Dima Moiseenko left for Venezuela to shoot the highest waterfall in the world - the Angel Falls. The shooting took two days and was very complicated both in its technical aspect and because of the weather. Dima shot the Angel Falls itself, a few neighboring waterfalls in tepuys and spheres over the gold mines on his way back. Now we represent the first part of the shooting - a virtual tour in Venezuela over the Angel Falls' surroundings, the Dragon and Cortina Falls as well as over the gold mines.

The total height of the waterfall is 979 meters and the altitude of the endless water fall is 807 meters. The fall altitude is so high that before reaching the ground water sprays with the tiny drops and changes into a fog.

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