Iguazu Falls Panoramas 伊瓜蘇瀑布

Brazil/Argentina: Iguazu Falls Panoramas 伊瓜蘇瀑布

Allow the virtual tour a few seconds to load. Use your mouse (with the left button pressed) to move about. On the right there are different scenes you can choose from. Use the up and down arrow keys to zoom in and out. Click on 'FULLSCREEN' to view the entire panorama.

Famous Iguazu Falls of South America is located on the border of two countries: Brazil (the smaller part of the waterfall) and Argentina (the larger part of the waterfall). It is relatively short (up to 82 meters), but it is one the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Depending on the season, Iguazu Falls drop 1 to 3 million liters of water per second.

If Iguazu Falls were a continuous veil of falling water, it would be the widest waterfall in the world. But in fact Iguazu consists of about 270 separate waterfalls. Their combined width reaches almost 2700 meters. The largest waterfall of the cascade has a frightening name "Devil's Throat" and is located right on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The width of the "Throat" is 150 meters; its length is 700 meters. The shape of the Devil's Throat resembles a horseshoe with 14 powerful water streams.

Stretched across the border, National Iguazu Falls Parks were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1984-1986. In 2011 Iguazu Falls won the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" international contest claiming its rightful place among others.

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