Not Google Translate! 张璐的经典翻译

2014年3月13日 总理记者会,张璐为现场翻译 



1.守职而不废 处义而不回。
I will not waver and carry out my duties, and will remain true to my conviction.

Goes officials should serve as loyal as they can conscientiously when they are in office and engage in modest self-reflection when their terms end.

There are people who will appreciate what I have done but there are also people who will criticize me,ultimately, history will have the final say.

In line with the conviction that I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life,regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself.

Brothers, though geographically apart will always be bound by their blood ties.

It is only with reform that we can ensure continuous existence and growth.

That is half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fall by the wayside.

For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart, I will not regret a thousand depth to die.

My conscience stays untainted inspite of rumors and slanders from the outside.

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