Dog Goldberg Machine 戈德堡機械

戈德堡機械 Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®

魯布·戈德堡機械(Rube Goldberg machine)是一種被設計得過度複雜的機械組合,以迂迴曲折的方法去完成一些其實是非常簡單的工作,例如倒一杯茶,或打一顆蛋等等。設計者必須計算精確,令機械的每個部件都能夠準確發揮功用,因為任何一個環節出錯,都極有可能令原定的任務不能達成。由於魯布·戈德堡機械運作繁複而費時,而且以簡陋的零件組合而成,所以整個過程往往會給人荒謬、滑稽的感覺。

A Rube Goldberg machine is a deliberately complex contraption in which a series of devices that perform simple tasks are linked together to produce a domino effect in which activating one device triggers the next device in the sequence. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor of such contraptions, Rube Goldberg (1883–1970).

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