Adult Dorms 成人宿舍

為了尋找合理的租金,舊金山的中產階級骨幹 - 教師,教師,書店經理,休息室音樂家,撰稿人和商品策劃人員 - 正在參與一項不尋常的社區生活實驗:他們正在搬入宿舍。

ADULT DORMS: You may have seen the The New York Times article on Starcity's dorm-style dwellings in San Francisco. We had the company co-founder on our air today to talk about the allure of these largely communal spaces with shared kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms. In some cases these rentals are being installed rather than luxury condos, but is it worth it and will this help sustain a middle class during the Bay Area's housing crisis? KTUV FOX 2

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