A Story of Friendship 感人故事

An Amazing Story of Friendship 感人故事

A Christmas Story - Journey Of The Angels/Silent Night

This clip: "A Christmas Story" was composed with wonderful images out of the
the beautiful movie: "Eight Below"(Walt Disney).  It's really worth to watch the whole
movie again, when you've some free time in the Holidays.

It's an amazing story of friendship.
On 5:39 min. the images are really "MAGIC"
and on 11:00 min. "TOUCHING and HEARTWARMING...."

Music by Enya: "Journey Of The Angels"".
and "Silent Night."

Journey Of The Angels lyrics:

in a winter night
the angels
begin their flight;
dark skies
with miles to go,
no footsteps
to be lost in snow.

They fly to you
Oh, new-born king
They fly to you
Oh, angels sing

one is sorrow
one is peace
one will come
to give you sleep
one is comfort
one is grief
one will take
the tears you weep

New star
in a midnight sky
in heaven
all the angels fly
soft wings so true
and all things
they will give to you

in a winter night
the angels
begin their flight

all sing
Oh, angels,
a new-born king
all sing
Oh, angels
a new-born king

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