Oliver Stone Hiroshima Speech (中字)

U.S. Film Director Oliver Stone Hiroshima Speech (中文字幕)

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Acclaimed US film director Oliver Stone has said that Japan needs to do more to face up to its role in the Second World War. Visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, he met survivors of the atomic bomb and attended the city’s memorial ceremony held on Tuesday morning near ground zero. The ceremony was held at exactly the same moment when the atomic bomb code-named Little Boy was dropped by a US bomber 68 years ago.

A speech that received long applause. Well-known US film director Oliver Stone saying that Japan needs to give a more forthright apology for its wartime acts.

His comments coming after his visit to the memorial ceremony held Tuesday morning in Hiroshima.
He said, "I think it’s a well-done ceremony, and the best of the Japanese spirit and the best of Japanese consciousness is evident today."

Japanese leaders have expressed "deep remorse" over the physical damage and psychological pain the country has inflicted on other Asian countries.

However, repeated visits by cabinet ministers to a controversial war shrine in Tokyo and growing talk of revising the nation’s pacifist constitution have made other countries sceptical about the truth in these remarks.

He said, "There was also much talk of peace, nuclear and people like Abe to say these words, but I don’t believe him, and I don’t think those who know history better would disagree with me."

He said that Japan should learn from Germany for facing history.

He said, "The two biggest countries defeated in WWII were Japan and Germany. Look at them side by side...in Germany we see a country that turn inward and exam themselves and they feel really guilty for militarise wars. But When I look back to Japan after WWII, I see great culture, beauty, great movies great food, but I do not see one politician, not one that stood up for anything, for peace, for integrity, not one."

Stone also suggested Japan resist a shift to relying on military might to deal with security challenges.
He said he believed that the US policy to shift focus towards the Asia-Pacific region was an added threat. And it was a move that Japan welcomes.

He said, "These year the war is, Obama loves Abe, and Abe loves Obama, because he knows he can get what he want nationalism is revived with this nonsense from Abe, about China, the rape of comfort women, etc."

Stone also warned that Japan could face the war if it didn’t acknowledge the dangerous nationalism of the past. And that he said, would bring the world much pain.

Source: CCTV

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