Monument Valley, Utah 猶他州紀念碑谷

Monument Valley, Utah 猶他州紀念碑谷

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歌曲: 追夢人

Monument Valley is perhaps the most famous example of the classic American West landscape, located within the Navajo Nation on the border of Arizona and Utah. The valley has been the backdrop for numerous western movies, ranging from the films of John Wayne to Back to the Future 3 and Forrest Gump.

The epic Monument Valley is one of the most magnificent and iconic landmarks of the American "Wild West." period. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park has isolated red mesas, buttes and a sprawling, sandy desert that has been featured in films and shows many upon many countless times. Crimson mesas and surreal sandstone towers rise hundreds of feet into the air, some as tall as 1,000 feet.

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