Lotus Heart 2015 杨舞 《莲花心》

Lotus Heart 2015 北京卫视春晚舞蹈《莲花心》杨舞

Lotus Heart 2015《莲花心》杨舞 
Wu Yang, a student of the choreographer and dancer Yang Liping, gave a performance entitled "The Lotus Heart" Gala 2015 Spring Festival, held on February 19, 2015 in Beijing Television.

The choreography is by Yang Liping. "The lotus symbolizes the brightness, purity and serenity in Chinese culture. That's why I chose the lotus as the main theme of the dance."

該舞蹈是楊麗萍舞蹈家編舞。 “蓮花象徵著明度,純度和寧靜的中國文化。這就是為什麼我選擇了荷花作為舞蹈的主旋律。”

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