2013: What Brought Us Together

2013: What Brought Us Together

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A six-minute tribute to some of the moments, people and stories that 'brought us together' this year, from tragic to triumphant, challenging or inspiring. Here's to 2013.

Time Title / Description
00:03 Boston Marathon bombing
00:21 Timelapse of Boston Harbor sunrise
00:24 Largest glacier calving ever filmed (from Chasing Ice documentary)
00:26 Typhoon/floods in Manila
00:28 Building collapse due to South West monsoon in North India
00:32 Violence in Syria
00:34 Pro-Europe protests in Ukraine
00:37 Train explosion in Lac Megantic, Quebec
00:40 Washington IL tornado
00:42 Moore OK tornado
00:44 (same as 00:40)
00:48 Earthquake in Pakistan
00:51 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines
00:52 (same as above)
00:54 Team Rubicon (veterans) helping with disaster relief
00:56 Factory/building collapse in Bangladesh

1:00 Train crash in Santiago de Compostela in Spain
1:02 Raising of the Costa Concordia ship in Italy (which sunk in 2012)
1:04 Crash of Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco
1:05 Armed forces rushing to Westgate Mall in Kenya where a terrorist attack occurred
1:06 Floods after storm Sven in Sweden
1:07 Crash of Proton-M rocket in Russia
1:08 Electrical fireball captured on video in Lachine Quebec
1:09 (need to confirm)
1:10 Meteorite crash in Russia’s Urals Lake region
1:10 View from the ISS 200 miles above Earth
1:12 Launch of Instagram video feature
1:14 Project Ara by Motorola (modular smartphone project)
1:16 Phonebloks concept going viral
1:17 Google voice search on a Nexus 5 running Android Kit Kat
1:19 Screenshot of Google Earth used for outreach initiatives / disaster relief
1:21 BitCoin
1:21 iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor
1:22 Viral video ‘I Forgot My Phone’
1:25 TEDTalk by Mikko Hypponen about NSA/Edward Snowden
1:28 Edward Snowden’s interview about the NSA
1:33 Healthcare.gov technical problems in the US
1:38 Anonymous protests in London
1:42 Protesters of French president François Hollande during Nov 11
1:44 Riots in Brazil ahead of World Cup and 2016 Olympics
1:46 Protests in Thailand calling for reform, turn violent after fatal shootings
1:48 Protests in Istanbul Turkey
1:49 Protests in Ukraine (pro-Europe)
1:51 Statue of Lenin falls during protests in Kiev
1:52 Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s rocky year in the news
1:53 Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel interrupted by topless female protester at Auto Show in Russia
1:54 Protesters call for gay rights outside Sochi Olympics headquarters in Russia
1:55 Former employees of Wal-Mart return to store in a flash mob to petition for union rights
1:58 Supreme Court strikes down part of Defense of Marriage Act

2:07 Gay marriage becomes legal in Britain with Queen Elizabeth II’s approval
2:10 Election of Pope Francis in Vatican, Italy after the resignation of Pope Benedict
2:14 The new Forza Italia party formed by Silvio Berlusconi
2:15 Canadian Veterans pause to commemorate Remembrance Day on Nov 11th
2:17 Malala Yousafzai speaks at UN, advocating for education
2:18 Refugees in South Sudan
2:19 India’s “Pink Ladies” wear color to defend women’s rights
2:23 Children in China climbing highly dangerous ladder to get to school
2:25 Children in South Africa celebrating Nelson Mandela
2:30 (quick shot) Eiffel Tower lights up with colors of South Africa to commemorate Nelson Mandela
2:30 (quick shot) Passerby mourning the loss of lives at Boston Marathon
2:30 (quick shot) Relief efforts in Philippines
2:31 (quick shot) Pro-Europe rally in Kiev
2:31 (quick shot) Floods in Manila
2:32 (quick shot) Aftermath of tornado
2:33 Dog emerges from debris and is reunited with owner after a violent tornado in Oklahoma
2:26 Viral video shows fireman rescuing a kitten from a house, filmed with GoPro camera
2:59 Dad documents his son’s difficult first year as a premature newborn, but doing very well now

3:04 Popular YouTuber Charles Trippy (and wife Alli) share bad news and struggle with cancerous brain tumor (operation went well)
3:09 The touching life of Zach Sobiech in his final struggle with cancer. He wrote a song ‘Clouds’ before passing away, which became viral
3:19 TEDTalk by Kevin Breel ‘Confessions of a Depressed Comic’
3:24 Historical footage of Apartheid oppression in South Africa
3:26 Remembering Matthew Shepard who died of a brutal attack 15 years ago for being gay - from an anti-defamation ad on YouTube
3:28 Remembering Martin Luther King - from an anti-defamation ad on YouTube
3:29 Image of an Iraq war veteran struggling with PTSD (LA Times feature)
3:35 Planes bringing in relief efforts to the Philippines
3:37 (same as above)
3:38 (same as 00:54)
3:39 Victims of the Lushan earthquake in China receiving hot food and shelter
3:40 People mourning the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing
3:42 (same as 00:54)
3:43 (same as 00:54)
3:44 Minute of silence observed before the start of the London Marathon
3:46 Police dancing with crowd (need to confirm location)
3:47 Armed forces and crowd dancing in the street to celebrate Nelson Mandela
3:50 Deb’s virtual worldwide flash mob with nurses in an operating room as a way to cheer up before a double mastectomy
3:51 Flash mob proposal in Times Square NYC
3:52 Students organize flash mob to thank their retiring school principal
3:53 Giving $100 to homeless people
3:55 Dashcam footage of drivers stepping out of their car to help pedestrians
3:57 Magic trick for homeless people
3:59 Quick shot from #ProudToLove video on YouTube

4:00 Newborn baby, from Unilever Project Sunlight video
4:01 Kid walking his dog stops to play in puddle
4:03 (same as 4:00)
4:04 Couple, Charlie & Jackie, spotlight dance
4:05 Bill Mohr, 105 year old, receives his high school diploma and kisses his wife
4:07 Kids rally around a bullied boy, 6, who is suffering from speech impediment. They all dressed like him to show support
4:09 Miles Scott who is recovering from leukemia, becomes BatKid for a day and saves San Francisco thanks to Make-A-Wish foundation
4:16 Daughter reunited with father returning from deployment at Disneyland
4:17 Military reunion over Skype on the Ellen DeGeneres show
4:20 Army captain surprises her daughter at Wisconsin football game
4:22 Military comes home and surprises his daughter at baseball game
4:25 The story of Saroo Brierley who was born in India, separated from his mom and reunited after 25 years with the help of Google Maps
4:27 Basketball player get surprise reunion with his dad, a staff Sgt coming home from Afghanistan
4:30 50-Yard Line reunion of player with his dad
4:33 Street dating game turns into instant love at first sight
4:35 Utah couple, Ellie & Jared, getting positive news about their efforts to become pregnant
4:37 Candid reaction to a couple’s pregnancy announcement
4:39 First marriage proposal captured with Google Glass
4:44 (same as 3:51)
4:46 Surprise proposal in IKEA store
4:47 Flash mob proposal (Justin & Brittany)
4:48 Surprise proposal in Home Depot
4:50 Flash mob of someone asking his best friend out to prom with teachers and family participating
4:41 (same as 3:51)
4:52 The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum
4:53 Crowd tribute to Zach Sobiech (song ‘Clouds’) at Mall of America, a year after his passing
4:54 New Year’s Eve 2013 in Tokyo Japan
4:55 The ball drop during New Year’s Eve 2013 in Times Square NYC
4:57 New Year’s Eve 2013 fireworks in London

5:00 New Year’s Eve 2013 fireworks in Sydney
5:01 Bastille Day fireworks in Paris (Eiffel Tower)
5:03 (same as 4:55)
5:06 Nelson Mandela, political figure
5:14 Margaret Thatcher, political figure
5:17 Hugo Chavez, political figure
5:20 Hiroshi Yamauchi, former president of Nintendo
5:23 Tom Clancy, author
5:25 Joan Fontaine, actress (Hitchcock series)
5:28 Lou Reed, musician (The Velvet Underground)
5:30 James Gandolfini, actor
5:33 Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Reddit
5:36 Cory Monteith, actor
5:38 Paul Walker, actor
5:41 Peter O’Toole, actor
5:45 World record for 15,000 sky lanterns in the Philippines
5:47 The Royal Baby
5:48 Nik Wallenda crosses the Grand Canyon on a tight rope
5:49 Lion hug captured on GoPro
5:50 Zach Sobiech’s goodbye message to his family
5:51 Flash mob by Art Orfeo in Palais de Versailles, France
5:51 Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul thanking fans for raising charity money
5:52 British diver Tom Daley coming out
5:53 Samuel L. Jackson’s video response on Reddit (charity awareness)
5:54 (same as 3:53)
5:54 Brazilian surfer breaks world record for longest/biggest surf in Portugal
5:55 Homeless veteran transformation
5:56 SpaceX's Grasshopper flies 325 m - higher than Manhattan's Chrysler Building - before smoothly landing back
5:56 Project Loon by Google aims to provide internet connection using flying balloons
5:57 Giant panda mother reunited with baby in Taipei Zoo
5:57 Psy - Gentleman
5:58 Magic $100 tip for pizza delivery
5:58 Parody of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette version by Steve Kardynal)
5:59 Ylvis - What Does the Fox Say
5:59 Google Hangout with the Dalai Lama, remembering Nelson Mandela

6:00 Andy Murray winning Wimbledon title, the first Briton to win the Men’s title in 77 years
6:00 Actress Jennifer Lawrence after winning a Best Actress Oscar
6:01 Russell Brand getting mocked and retaliating on MSNBC
6:01 Kid President (YouTuber) with 20 Things We Should Say More Often
6:01 Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s rendition of Space Oddity from the ISS
6:02 Employee Marina Shifrin’s dance video to announce she is quitting
6:02 Android 4.4 KitKat announced
6:02 Beyoncé performs at the Superbowl 2013 Halftime show
6:03 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can’t Hold Us
6:03 The ‘original’ Harlem Shake viral video
6:03 Harlem Shake, army edition
6:04 Kid wearing Daft ‘Pumpkin’ costume on the Ellen DeGeneres show
6:04 Oracle winning a comeback title at America’s Cup (sailing)
6:04 Diana Nyad successfully completes a 111-mile swim from Cuba to Florida at age 64
6:05 California Conservation Corps members teach their boss a few dance moves
6:05 YouTube Rewind 2013
6:06 Kid wearing LED light costume went viral
6:06 Camera captures flying eagle’s point of view
6:06 From ‘People Are Awesome 2013’
6:06 (same as above)
6:07 Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity
6:10 (same as above) - ISS above Earth

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